Yorkies for Sale.

Yorkie Puppies for Sale.

Female Yorkies








These are our Traditional Female Yorkies

All of our dogs are Parti Carriers

Yorkies for sale 

""Krayeski's Shasta"
Female Yorkshire Terrier
AKC # TR87841701
April 5, 2009
Black and Tan parti carrier
7 1/2 lbs

Shasta  is very sweet ,loves every one and loves everyone to see her puppies.  If you come to the door she will take you to her puppies to show you.  She is a very proud mommy .Nice short nose and big eyes will win your heart over very fast...


parti yorkie

"Krayeski's Parti Paris"
Female Yorkshire Terrier
AKC #  TR65345901
May 2007
Blue & Gold Parti Color
6 lbs

 Paris Is a very independent yorkie.  She will do it herself.  She's a great mom and will let any body see her babies; just don't touch. Her hair is beautiful and loves to be brushed.  She is my first Parti Yorkie .  Paris came from Deb Cart's breeding program,


female parti yorkie

"Krayeski's Parti Girl Sierra"
Female Yorkshire Terrier
August 9, 2008
Black & Tan, Parti-Color
4 lbs

 Sierra is a ball of fire ,always on the go. Her hair is good and thick ,nice short nose and legs ,cubby body just what you look for in a Yorkie.  Altogether a great girl to have in my Breeding Program.


Golden Yorkshire Terriers

"Krayeski's Golden Natalie"
Female Golden Yorkshire Terrier
AKC# TR83207302
December 5, 2008
Golden Parti Carrier
4 lbs

  Natalie is a beautiful Golden Parti Carrier ,very calm loving little girl ,she is your true little lap girl . She makes sweet little babies .She is a great tribute to my Breeding Program.


yorkie female

"Krayeski's Blonde Kaylee"
Female Yorkshire Terrier
AKC# TS02804103
February 16, 2011
Tan parti carrier
 6 1/2 lbs

  Kaylee  has beautiful Blonde hair with a great personality to match.  She is one smart girl and she will all ways be a step a head of you.  I'm very proud to have her in my Breeding Program.

Kaylee, female yorkie


Chocolate Yorkies

"Krayeski's Candy Kisses Choc Girl"
Female Yorkshire Terrier
AKC# TS03681401
January 25, 2011
Chocolate parti carrier
7 lbs

  Candy is a Chocolate Yorkie and I'm very happy to have her in my Breeding Program.  She has very thick dark brown hair and is a very pretty girl and she knows it.

chocolate yorkies



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